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Baby Quasar Plus, New Baby Quasar, Improved Baby QuasarBaby Quasar Plus Package

Including the Baby Quasar PLUS and the Baby Blue combined together for the Baby Quasar Power Pack PLUS, which is your complete anti-wrinkle and acne skin care package.

Skin Care Best Sellers: Quasar MD PLUS, Baby Quasar PLUS, Baby Quasar Blue and if you have a professional licence, also see the PRO Models Quasar Pro Red and Quasar Pro Blue, Quasar Pro Powerpack, & TQ Solo

The Baby Quasar PLUS is the most advanced “anti-wrinkle” beauty tool available for home use. The Baby Quasar PLUS is cute, small, and portable. However, don’t let its' size fool you. Delivering professional-quality results is what the Baby Quasar PLUS is designed to do. It's the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Baby Quasar PLUS is FDA approved to treat wrinkles.

Watch the Years Fade Away. Light Therapy is a highly sought after technology that is now available at prices that make it affordable for everyone, even in the comfort of your own home.


Buy together and save now. Baby Quasar Power Pack PLUS for $749.00

Baby Quasar Plus Package
  • Baby Quasar PLUS with SequePulse Technology
  • Baby Quasar Blue
  • Power Supply
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Operator’s Guide
  • Zippered Travel Case
  • Made in USA
  • Free Shipping in Cont. US*

  • Start rejuvenating today with Baby Quasar Power Pack PLUS - Complete Skin Care System for just $749.
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    Baby Quasar PLUS Facts & Features:

    • 25% stronger than the original Baby Quasar
    • Promotes the development of collagen and elastin
    • Treats periorbital wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes)
    • NEW C-Factor technology
    • Improved ease of use
    • Class II medical device
    • Five-year warranty
    • Easy to use and very affordable
    • Made in the USA

    You can now achieve professional medical results while treating your skin only six minutes per day in the privacy of your own home.

    Now including C-Factor technology, the Baby Quasar PLUS is the answer to reducing your unwanted periorbital wrinkles. Each Baby Quasar PLUS is hand made in the USA, enclosed in durable aluminum housing, and comes standard with a five-year warranty.

    Quality is at the heart of Quasar Bio-Tech. Since 2001, Quasar Bio-Tech has excelled in bringing professional quality skin care tools to doctors and spas throughout our nation. Quasar Bio-Tech’s mission is to offer all men and women worldwide the best innovation, support and results.

    Quasar Light Therapy is a safe, natural solution with no negative side effects. The Baby Quasar PLUS works on all skin types and tones, requires no down-time, and has the best results, reputation, warranty, and support compared to competitors. Let Quasar kiss away your wrinkles with age-defying technology.

    • Always start with a clean, dry face
    • Turn on your Baby Quasar PLUS
    • Apply light to periorbital wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes) for 3 minutes
    • After 3 minutes a soft tone will sound and your Baby Quasar PLUS will turn off
    • Repeat on next area of treatment
    • Use 5 times per week for 8 weeks

    Baby Quasar Blue Facts & Features:

    The Baby Blue light works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, P. Acne, and works well in treating inflammatory acne vulgaris that have not responded to other acne therapies. The P. Acne bacteria releases small molecules called Porphyrins. When Porphyrins are exposed to the Baby Blue's wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill bacteria. Gentle, natural, safe, and painless, Baby Blue can be used on all skin types and all skin tones.

    • 100% natural
    • Reduces inflammatory acne
    • Five-year warranty
    • Made in the USA

    The Baby Quasar Blue for Acne is becoming the most popular acne remedy of the 21st century. Baby Blue Quasar targets the sebaceous glands, killing the bacteria that causes acne. By killing the bacteria that causes acne, the Blue Quasar for Acne is effective at reducing blemishes and keeping skin clear.

    This unit was originally developed as a professional device and due to a sudden boost of popularity on health and beauty web forums was adapted to accommodate home-use consumers. The Blue Quasar for Acne is the most powerful consumer photo rejuvenation device on the market and will help your skin feel active, plump, more alive and firmer.

    The Baby Quasar Blue for Acne is a portable, home-use device that combines the same wavelengths and frequencies as a professional photo rejuvenation model but is designed especially for the individual who wants to do his/her own treatment. The Quasar Baby Blue for Acne is the perfect solution for someone who wants clear skin without having to spend both time and money on a Skin-care Therapist. This Light Therapy treatment is gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive and most patients find it relaxing and easy to use. The Baby Quasar Blue uses one wavelength, 440 nm. The benefit of the Blue Quasar for Acne for maintenance treatments and home-use is the size in diameter of the healing LED head. Its small size helps to easily treat and concentrate on the areas you are most concerned with.

    Phototherapy Benefits Include:
    • Gives your body cells the energy it needs to repair itself
    • Builds collagen & Builds elastin
    • Increases microcirculation to skin
    • Helps repair the fibrous matrix to reduce wrinkles
    • Makes skin look healthy and radiant
    • Supports Anti-Aging, Healing and Pain Relief
    • Non-Invasive
    • Painless treatment
    • No downtime
    • Extremely safe and easy to use

    Warning: Individuals taking steroid or cortisone injections, who are pregnant, or have epilepsy, should first consult a physician or not use Light Therapy.

    Baby Quasar got Rave Reviews throughout 2007 in The New York Times, Vogue Magazine, Ocean Drive Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, and Day Spa Magazine. The Baby Quasar Plus is a perfect phototherapy maintenance device for home use to compliment treatments from day spas, medi-spas, and salons.

    "The Baby Quasar PLUS is a portable hand held device with 24 LED's. It is surprisingly lightweight and has timed signaled intervals to assist you in giving each area of your face an equal amount of light. The light is not at all hot and feels rather comfortable and soothing.

    Delivers maximum benefit to various skin types:

    Widely acclaimed as the best all around skin care tool for healthy and beautiful skin, the Baby Quasar PLUS brings the spa home to you. Using the ultimate healing combination of Red, Infrared and Amber light, it delivers powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Red and Amber also help promote Fibroblasts and the production of collagen. This gives you long lasting results.

    Near Infrared light penetrates more deeply, stimulating blood flow and circulation, the foundation of healthy looking skin. No other skin care tool at this price can claim such a wide variety of benefits.


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    If you haven’t heard of light-based skin care, you’re missing out on today’s best solution to your anti-aging concerns. The Baby Quasar PLUS is a powerful medical device that uses red and infrared light to firm and tone the skin, increase circulation and stimulate the production of collagen. More collagen equals plump skin cells, which in turn gives you a more youthful appearance. (When it comes to your skin, “plump” is a good thing!)

    The Baby Quasar PLUS is unique in that it uses four wavelengths of light to penetrate and stimulate the cells with innovative SequePulse technology. The result? You’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminish enlarged pores and get the boost of confidence that comes from having smooth, younger-looking skin.

    As Seen on TV’s “The Doctors.”
    Product Winner of New Beauty Magazine’s “Beauty Choice Award.”


    FDA Cleared!
    Skin Care Best Sellers: Quasar MD PLUS, Baby Quasar PLUS, Baby Quasar Blue and if you have a professional licence, also see the PRO Models Quasar Pro Red and Quasar Pro Blue, Quasar Pro Powerpack, & TQ Solo

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