Cold Laser Pain Relief

Pain Relief with the TerraQuant

* Help your patients start live a pain-free life. There is a new FDA cleared option that has the potential to relieve chronic and acute pain - in as little as 1 to 3 days.

The answer? Cold laser therapy powered by exclusive Multi Radiance Technology and TerraQuant cold laser.

TerraQuant Cold Lasers are the perfect pain relief answer

  • MRT has a unique combination of radiances that work together with a high light density - given at up to 5 inches deep in tissue.
  • This combo of radiances cover the spectrum of the therapeutic range (from Red Light 600nm to Infrared Light 905nm).

Clinical Studies on Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

* An 88% positive effect was shown in studies on the use of Multi Radiance Technology in relieving pain caused by arthritis of medium and small joints. The clinical study involved 140 people. There are multitude of other clinical papers and studies available for review; over 4,000 studies have been conducted on the effects of laser therapy on pain relief.

All of our laser devices are designed with you in mind and are extremely user friendly. Our user interface is easy to operate. This simplicity gives a operator the best environment for optimal results when relieving their patient's pain.


* "I plug the machine in and find that it is actually a model of simplicity to operate. You choose one of five preset programs—each with different pulse frequencies—press the start button and apply the emitter (looks like a shower head) over the affected area. I used the program for wrist pain, and I was pleased to detect a moderate increase in mobility and a reduction in pain. I'd definitely give it a qualified thumbs up."

-Arthritis News,
April - May 2005

TerraQuant Testimonials

* Results can vary from person to person.

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