Dental Laser Accessories

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TerraDent accessories give clinicians and dentists more features and benefits for our most popular professional laser therapy device, TerraDent. These accessories will let you experience the full potential of your new TerraDent.

Hands Free TerraDent Armature

Your time is important, and that's why we carry broad range of accessories for hands free laser therapy. The TerraQuant carts and armatures give you the ability to multitask. Simply pose the armature to the region therapy is desired, select the program, time and press start.



Deluxe Medical Cart Temporarilly Discontinued





TerraDent Laser Emitter

TQ-1 Emitter, SE25 Emitter

TQ-1/SE25 TerraDent Emitter

The SE25 is the most emitter. This emitter is threaded for the attachment of acrylic dental probes, which assist in dental light therapy treatment. The TQ-1 features Multi-Radiance Technology and incorporates therapeutic radiances to create the perfect scenario for pain relief.
Combine the TQ-1 with the Dental Probe set and it is like having three emitters in one. This emitter gives you the ability to modify the laser light to treat more indications without having to purchase additional emitters.

TQ-1/SE25 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw)
Coverage Area 4cm2
Super Pulsed Laser 1 GaAs Super Pulsed Laser
Infrared Light 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
Red Light 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes

Dental Probes


Set of 3 dental probes for TerraQuant laser therapy devices. Dental probes focus the laser beam, making TerraDent Laser a very versatile and affordable tool for dentists. The probes allow the laser cluster to be adapted to treat smaller target areas without having to purchase additional expensive equipment.

TerraQuant Carts - Perfect for the Dental Clinic

A cart is a vital tool because it holds the TerraDent, emitters, probes and stores your other accessories.

The TerraDent Z Cart is light and portable and very professional. Its size is made for the TerraDent and easily moves around your clinic on a very sturdy base. The Cart is also prepped for an optional hands free armature.

The Z Cart is our largest cart with plenty of storage space and is manufactured from sturdy metal. The Z cart has a large drawer for ample storage space. It also has wheels, making it easy to move around the clinic.

TerraQuant Cart

Get the TQ Cart with one TQ Armature for $395 + free s/h. Use the Secure Cart Below.



Protective Goggles

Laser Goggles

It is strongly advised to wear protective goggles when administering or receiving treatment from lasers. Protective eyewear should be worn for the safety of the patient and clinician.

Protective Goggles

Two sets of protective goggles are automatically provided with every purchase of TerraQuant Laser System.

Price of Each Extra Laser Eye Goggles is $89 plus shipping if total price of order is less than $300


Oranizing an office and making things movable are two aspects in managing a busy office. That is why we offer hard plastic protective cases for all your TerraQuant Lasers, probes and emitters.


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