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Inch Reduction, Fat Melting, Pain Relief, Quit Smoking, Acu-Point Therapy, More Power, More Paddles & More Emitters:

Pilot laser, 9W laser, 9 Watt Laser, 9W Pilot diode laser, Class IV laser, Clinical laser


The 9W Pilot Diode Class IV Laser

Discover the best of both worlds. An affordable USA Made Class 4 Laser that also works like a Cold Laser. Expand your treatment options with an easy to use, powerful, professional laser that comes with two emitters and loads of bennefits.

Lipo-Evolution-Fusion, All in one laser, smoking cessation laser, weight loss, cold laser
EF LIPOLASER - Body Contouring, Smoking Cessaion, Pain Relief, Weight Management, Fat Melting, Acupoint and Cluster Combination
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Home Use Lasers, Lasers for home use Home Use Lasers
Lasers for home-use

Terraquant Solo, TQ Solo, TQ Solo Laser, home use laser

Pro use lasers, professional use lasers, lasers for professionals, clinical use lasers, clinical lasers Pro Use Lasers
Chiropractic & Clinical Use LZ30 Laser

skin care, laser skin care, laser acne treatment, laser skin care, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction Skin Care Lasers
Beauty & Anti-Aging
Skin care, Wrinkle care, laser facial, acne, scar removalskin care, laser skin care, laser acne treatment, laser skin care, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction

Theralaser T2000, equine laser, equine laser therapy, Equine low level laser, lasers for horses, cold lasers for horses Veterinary Lasers
Vet, Pet & Equine Lasers
dog laser, cold laser for dogs, low level laser for dogs, pet laser, laser for pets









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"I will think for the rest of my life about what light is."
Albert Einstein, who first theorized L.A.S.E.R., which means: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
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We now offer our exclusive Cold Laser Therapy book with every laser purchase. You will learn how to treat over 250 symptoms and conditions with the 22 most important acupoints of the human body, plus learn about the healing power of using lasers on the microsystems. Numerous charts included.

healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers Choose from numerous Low Level Lasers, Phototherapy Devices & Cold Laser Products with World Class Therapeutic Laser Quality & Performance.
healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers Featuring FDA Cleared Cold Lasers Including: World Renowned TerraQuant Systems, FDA Cleared Lasers for Home and Professional Use.
healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers We are the largest AUTHORIZED stocking suppliers of TerraQuant Laser Equipment, Multi Radiance Medical, Laserex Technologies, Quasar, AVANT LZ30, LZR7, PILOT, EVOLUTION FUSION Cold Laser Therapy Equipment.
  • Why Cold Laser Therapy? Over 50 years of use & Research with over 4000 scientific papers
    published worldwide. Fantastic results, painless, safe, non-heating & NO bad side effects
  • Specializing in FDA Cleared Pain Management Laser Systems, Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Smoking Cessation Lasers & Weight Loss with IRB Clinical Trial Programs.
  • Are you frustrated and confused with the process of finding a therapeutic laser that meets your needs and budget?
  • Are you wondering, which laser, which wavelength, what power density, what type of diode, LASER or LED or SLD or IRD, and concerned about depth of penetration, classification (I, II, IIIa or IIIb, or Class IV laser), FDA clearance, OTC and more?
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DISCOVER Cold Laser Therapy Systems for Most Applications:

LZ30 Laser


AVANT LZ Cold Laser Therapy Systems

Portable, powerful, digital cold laser in small convenient size

anti-aging, skin care, laser therapy, terraqant

Skin Care & Anti-Aging
with TerraQuant Lasers

TerraQuant, Terraquant Pro, Terraqaunt, TerraQuant Elite, TerraQuant Solo, TQ Solo

TerraQuant Laser Pro
Quantum Healing Laser, for the widest range of treatment options & flexibility. Desktop Model

One of the largest treatment areas in its class
PowerMedic GigaLaser

One of the Largest and Most Powerful Clinical Lasers Available!
Financing Options Available

quasar skin care laser phototherapy

FDA Cleared! Now you can see the light & use it to reveal your true beauty. Home & Professional models, Red, Blue. $349+

BEWARE of laser websites that ask you to fill out Inquiry Forms. There are websites out there that pose as professional Laser Review sites and then try to funnel you into buying overpriced and minimally effective ML830 Chinese laser or pointer lasers or low grade class IV lasers. You can tell from their writing style that they are amateurs with an agenda.

SL50 Cold Cluster Laser
w/ Red and Infrared Class 3R sl50, sl50 laser, sl50 cold laser, sl50 soft laserClick to learn more about the SL50 Evolution Laser Just $389 while supplies last


Cold Laser Therapy Uses and Applications Research and Information

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, debilitating injuries, addictions, arthritis, skin conditions, wrinkles and aging. Now with the power of healing light, pills and surgery may become unnecessary. Light therapy is currently being used for everything from pain relief to healing broken bones and bullet wounds, for skin care, weight loss and smoking cessation.
According to a recent study by the American Academy of Pain Management, an estimated 50 Million Americans live with chronic pain. The study also revealed that an additional 25 million suffer from acute pain from surgeries and accidents. Now with the introduction and availability of cold laser therapy, all these sufferers have more options than just masking the pain with drugs, experimenting with expensive and risky surgery or just grinning and bearing it. Now you can use powerful and proven cold lasers & quantum laser technology to support the pain relief and healing process like never before. Cold laser therapy is a wonderful, non-invasive alternative to pain and suffering.

Click here to choose from: FDA Cleared Cinical Cold Laser Systems
Click here for Home Use Laser and Handheld Soft Lasers

Cold Laser History and Track Record

Cold lasers are used everywhere from bar code scanners to CD players. Laser light therapy has a 50 year proven track record throughout the world and is now one of the fastest growing sectors of alternative medicine. Canada has been using cold lasers for pain management and smoking cessation for over 25 years. In the US a few companies have been manufacturing cold lasers for up to 20 years. In 2002 the ML830 laser received the first cold laser FDA clearance for pain and since then dozens of different cold laser and light emitting devices have received FDA clearance. Just because a laser has an FDA clearance doesn't automatically mean that it is good or worth oodles of money.

Not all lasers are created equally. The people at quantum-Healing-Lasers have spent over a decade diligently studying, testing and comparing cold lasers for your benefit. With the large variety of lasers to choose from it is important for you as the consumer to purchase a healing or pain management laser that will serve the purpose for which you intend it. We are here for you to help you sort through the myriad of misrepresentations and determine a constructive course of action. Essentially, to help answer your real world questions with over a decade of experience and to support you in determining the best laser to meet your needs and budget. Call Toll Free for a free consultation 888-824-7558

From Scientific American:

Cold laser, terraquant laser, scalar wave laser, healing lasers 28% of Americans are in pain at any given time

healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers $13.8 Billion is spent annually on prescription pain killers

Cold laser, terraquant laser, scalar wave laser, healing lasers $16.4 Billions is spent annually on pain medications

healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, cold lasers $60 Billion lost annually due to lost productivity related to pain


Buying from Quantum Healing Lasers

We will not be undersold or underserviced. Your satisfaction is our success. We appreciate you giving us an opportunity to earn your business and we will provide you with excellent products and quality courteous service. Our products are of the highest quality and many of them come with a money back satisfaction guarantee. This website is comprised of numerous informative pages, plus many downloadable pdf files to help you educate yourself about all of the ins and outs of Low Level Laser Therapy products and practices for both home use and professional use or for your pet, farm or stable. You will learn about Low Level Laser products that can help one to boost their health practice, increase profits as a practitioner and excelerate overall healing potential. Please take your time to review our cold laser products and information. If you don't see the laser you need, please call and ask for it.

When you need assistance, call toll free 1-888-824-7558 (or Internationally (808) 572-2995 and speak with one of our knowledgable representatives who will be happy to answer your laser questions and assist you in acquiring the perfect cold laser for your needs.

Choose from multiple Cold Lasers as listed with links in the right hand column:

TQ Solo and TerraQuant Laser Pro Packages, AVANT LZ30 Lasers, LZ30-X and LZ30-P, PowerMedic PowerLaser, Acupuncture Laser, GigaLaser,Therapeutic Lasers, Cold Laser Supplies, Quasar Skin Care, Quasar MD Plus, Baby Quasar Plus, Quasar Blue, Veterinary and Sports Laser Therapy Equipment, Cold Laser Equipment, TerraQuant Elite, TerraQuant Solo, Quantum Laser Equipment, and more biostimulation lasers coming soon. We have FDA Cleared Lasers for numerous applications. We have Low level lasers for Pain Relief, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Foot Pain, Hand Pain, Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions, Lasers for Treatment of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and much more. If you are set on getting a class 4 laser we recommend the Alpine Laser Systems from

To learn more about Acupoint Therapy Click Here. To learn more about low level lasers and cold laser therapy, please see our Laser Links Section. We can also refer you to the best and most affordable cold laser training for smoking cessation, weight loss, skin care, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and pain management.

healing lasers, Terraquant Laser, cold laser, low level laser, smoking cessation lasers, Omega xp, Acumed, cold lasers, terraquant Are you thinking about buying a cold laser, but don't know which one to choose?
Call toll free 1-888-824-7558 and speak with one of our cold laser specialists who will be happy to answer your low level laser questions and assist you in acquiring the perfect healing laser for your needs.

Cold Laser Therapy Equipment Specialists offering Avant LZ30, LZR7, EVOLUTION FUSION, PILOT 9W, PowerMedic PowerLasers, TerraQuant Laser, Terraquant Solo, TQ Solo, TerraQuant Pro, TerraQuant Elite, Healing Lasers, SL50 Laser, and more. Cold Lasers for Professional and Home use, skin care laser, anti-wrinkle lasers, fat loss, body contouring and pain relief. lasers. We also offer vet laser, pet laser and equine lasers aka horse laser. We reserve the right to cancel any sale or change any price at any time.

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