LaserTENS 2000 IR Portable Laser Pen with TENS Electrical Stimulation. Featuring 35 mW of therapeutic Low Level Laser therapy power in the 830 nm Infra Red Laser Spectrum. A unique combination of two healing technologies at one great price.
LaserTENS, LaserTENS 2000 IR, Infrared Laser TENS, Laser TENS

This is a compact, versatile laser that offers multiple functions for home and professional applications. If you prefer a pure Red Laser TENS Click Here

LASER TENS 2000 (IR) LS0511 Features:

LASER TENS Professional, high-performance, 35mW infrared (830nm), Laser, with penetration depth of 30-40mm,

TENS with low frequency (45hz) and 150V amplitude Uses 2 - standard AAA batteries or mains operation.

Battery life: 8 hrs continuous

Extremely light-weight unit comes complete with a rugged carrying case.

The Laserex LASER TENS 2000 (IR) therapy unit is one of the most compact, high performance infrared laser - TENS therapy units available. The Laser/TENS device is suitable for use by physiotherapists, veterinarians, chiropractors, doctors and acupuncturists to treat a wide range of ailments.

Use of LaserTENS may be reimbursable with Standard CPT Codes for Laser Treatment:
• Manual electrical stimulation: 97032
• Neuro-muscular re-education: 97112

The LASER TENS 2000 (IR) treatment times are relatively short compared to conventional laser and TENS therapy alone. This is due to the higher laser power density and the simultaneous application of the two technologies. The unit utilizes a single 830nm, 35mW laser diode which produces power densities of up to 350mW/cm2 with penetration depths of 30-40mm. The unit consists of a light weight, robust and attractively finished hand probe, a rechargeable battery compartment and mains adapter for recharging. The unit can be either mains or battery operated, with a battery life of 8 hours continuous use. The

Laser Specification:  
Wavelength 8300nm
Power 35mW Power
Power density 350mW/cm2
Laser Class Class 3b
TENS Specification:  
Amplitude 150V
Pulse width 3 - 80usec
Frequency 22msec 
Battery Type 2 - 1.2 Volt AA NimH (no memory)
Battery Life 8 hours continuous use


LaserTENS, LaserTENS 2000 IR, Infrared Laser TENS, Laser TENS

The LaserTENS 2000 IR LaserPen Prices are as Follows:



LaserTENS 2000 IR Comes with a rugged storage and travel case, batteries, a mains direct plug in power supply and a 12 month warranty and FREE SHIPPING Worldwide.

LASER TENS 2000 (IR) is a Class 3b laser, to ensure compliance with international laser safety standards the unit is fitted with a removable key switch, which disables the laser thus preventing inadvertent operation.
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LaserTENS 2000 IR Infrared Portable Laser Pen with TENS