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Laser Therapy - Lipo Laser Plus
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Skeptical? Read a Revealing Story How Lipolaser Works

Tired of fighting those weight loss trouble areas? Give your body a relaxing and fat reduction laser treatment. Own a clinic or spa? Perhaps it's time to add this life changing, profit making technology to your business? You'll be glad you did.  

100% Safe, Non-invasive, proven laser-based technology, featuring spot fat reduction and body contouring systems. Offering the relaxation of a massage with the benefits of inches of unwanted fat loss! 

Lipo lasers are considered to be one of the most innovative methods to treat stubborn areas of fat that do not respond quickly to diet and exercise. They emit low level laser energy that disrupts the fat cell membranes, thus releasing intra-cellular fat. This causes the cell to lose its round shape by changing the permeability of the cell membrane. It does not affect the neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. The fat is converted into a form of energy that is burned and realeased rather than stored.

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10 Pad Laser Therapy - Lipolaser Plus

Loose weight at the speed of light

Lipo Laser, Lipolaser, fat laser, fat loss laser, lose fat laser, body contouring laserNEW: Laser Therapy - Lipolaser Plus. A fantastic cold laser slimming system that is specially designed for safe, non-invasive body contouring and inch reduction.

It is one of the most advanced in the industry for inch loss. We have thoroughly tested it and are happy to report the it far exceed our expectations.  It is very high powered and features  8 large laser pads with eight 130mW lasers each and 2 small laser pads suitable for lymph drainage or treating small areas. Since the pads are 660nm red lasers, they can also be used for multiple other functions such as stretch marks, wrinkles and other skin conditions. It has more power than most competitors and the pads have selectable output. The laser is applied externally and the operating procedure has proven to emulsify adipose tissue. The Laser Therapy - Lipolaser Plus slimming system is a low level laser therapy device designed to get rid of body fat and shape and tone the skin without surgery, heat or any adverse side effects.

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Legal Disclaimers
LipoLasers are non-invasive low-level laser therapy devices indicated for use in body contouring and temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The device utilizes cold laser for deep tissue warming to enhance micro-circulation for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

How does it work?
LipoLaser is able to in fact stimulate the cell itself into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol without Laser Lipo Surgery. Having released these three compounds, water, free fatty acids, and glycerol (often referred to as Triglycerides), the fat cells "shrink" significantly, resulting in inch loss for patients!

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Lipo Lasers Non invasive, laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring with Lipolaser Systems

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