MR4 ACTIV - We have discontinued to offer this product as we prefer the TQ Solo, which is much more affordable.


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Who uses the MRM TerraQuant Lasers?

Laypeople of all types use the MRM lasers in their homes for private use. Additionally Practitioners, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, PT's, LMT's, Acupuncturists, and Doctors use the MRM lasers to enhance their line of treatment options for their patients. Many leading athletic organizations also use this ultra-portable cold laser for providing optimal cold laser therapy, to enhance performance and recovery. It's legal and superior to other forms of competitive edge technologies in sports performance, sports therapy and sports rehabilitation. Used and loved by athletes worldwide.

Download a PDF file with a chart and guide on using the TerraQuant treatment modalities.

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MR4 ACTIV Laser, Portable Pain Relief by Multi Radiance Medical and HIWM

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