Anti-Aging and Skin Care with
TerraQuant Cold Laser Therapy

As we age, skin cell function naturally slows, as do the processes that keep our skin youthful looking. Is there a natural affordable way to stay youthful and vibrant? The answer is yes. In the past the only solution for anti-aging is risky and expensive cosmetic surgery. Now you have a choice thanks to Multi Radiance Medical.

Multi Radiance Medical has taken the natural healing properties of light and created an exclusive technology called Multi Radiance Technology. This technology combines super pulsed laser, infrared light, red light and static magnetic field to give you the best biological response of any laser therapy device on the market.

Multi Radiance Technology is an internationally reknown treatment solution for:

• Wrinkles
• Varicose veins appearance
• Acne symptoms relief
• Cellulite appearance
• Fungus symptoms
• Eczema symptoms
• Burns

Elina Fedotova (Medical Aesthetician of "Elina Natural Skin Care Products", Kalamazoo, MI).

Multi Radiance Technology, the revolutionary technology behind TerraQuant, permeates the top dermal lasers, sending photon energy to cellular membranes. This new energy triggers the metabolic process, which activates skin cells to produce more energy (ATP).

Multi Radiance Technology delivers energy directly to the skin cells, providing them the assets to begin acting like healthy, youthful skin. Now you can expect the youthful results you have been looking for with no pain and no expensive bills to pay.


TerraQuant is used in European spas and salons

Thousands of cosmetologists and private people around the world use our exclusive technology for skin rejuvenation. TerraQuant's exclusive Multi Radiance Technology combines super pulsed laser, therapeutic red light, and magnetic field generation to vitalize the skin and minimize wrinkles.

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SL50 Cold Cluster Laser
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SL50 Cold Laser, Cold Cluster Laser, Home Use Laser

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TerraQuant Anti-aging and Skin Care Cold Laser Therapy

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