TerraQuant Cold Laser

TerraQuant Duo Cold Laser

Pro Healing Laser with TWO Emitters

Our full TerraQuant Laser line is FDA cleared for home and professional use.

The TerraQuant Duo is designed to allow clinicians to operate two emitters concurrently. Using this package will allow you to treat double the area and split treatment times in half. Both of these emitters work with the optional probe attachments.

The TerraQuant Duo bundle ships with two SE25 emitters as shown below and SE25 Pro Laser Base Station, which has two laser emitter ports and powers all of the TerraQuant Laser Emitters.

The TerraQuant Cold Laser now comes in three ready-to-use packages to start treating patients, plus 6 TerraQuant Laser Specialty Emitters and more probes.

Download a Free PDF file with a Chart and Guide on using the TerraQuant Laser

Terraquant emitter, SE25 emitter

SE25 Emitter for the TerraQuant

The SE25 is the standard emitter for the TerraQuant Pro. This is because of several reasons:

  • It is a versatile emitter & applicator in the TerraQuant cold laser line.
  • It covers a 4 cm2 treatment radius quickly
  • SE25 emitter can be fitted with a number of probes for a versatile treatment regimen

Super Pulsed Infrared Laser (905 nm) is the essential component of Multi Radiance Technology and the SE25 emitter, allowing photonic delivery up to an unbeatable 5 inches.

SE25 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw)
Coverage Area 4cm2
Super Pulsed Laser 1 GaAs Super Pulsed Laser
Infrared Light 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
Red Light 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes

Upgradable for the Future
TerraQuant comes with two ports. This enables you the option to upgrade your TerraQuant cold laser at any time.

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The TerraQuant Duo is $5495
This is the Price for the whole package, which includes free shipping in US.









TerraQuant Duo

TerraQuant Duo Pro package includes:
1. TerraQuant Pro Console
2. 2 - SE25 Emitters
3. 2 laser goggles
4. Soft carry case
5. Operating manual & User's guide
6. Protocol manual
7. 2 year manufacturer warranty



TQ Crystal probes accessory kit now available
Medical Cart with drawer and cabinet
Hands free armature now available
LS-50 Laser Shower Emitter now available


Optional Accessories for TerraQuant


Light acupuncture and trigger point probes for the TerraQuant allow you to . Acupuncture and trigger point probes facilitate the laser beam, making TerraQuant Laser a very versatile and affordable tool for acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other clinicians. The probes allow the laser cluster to be adapted to treat smaller target areas without having to purchase additional expensive equipment.

TerraQuant Probes and Accessories ....


TerraQuant Duo Cold Laser for Prefessionals









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