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TerraQuant Elite Cold Laser
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BONUS features included EXCLUSIVELY through us:
2 Cold Laser Therapy Acupoint
Protocol eBooks listing protocols for treating over 500 symptoms and conditions, the 22 AcuPoint Healing System, Micro-Systems Revealed, and 283 Pages of Picture Based Protocols. FANTASTIC!
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TWO Emitters are Better Than One. A BIG and a small.
TQ Elite Provides the Higher Power and Larger LS50 Emitter, PLUS the Standard SE25 Emitter.

FDA cleared! Super safe and easy to use.

The TerraQuant Elite is chosen by professionals who are short on time and want to achieve faster results. You can treat larger areas faster with deeper penetration, using the ultimate in cold laser therapy technology.

Multi Radiance Technology excels where most therapeutic modalities fall short:

• Our Super Pulsed Lasers deliver higher peak power while maintaining the highest degree of safety of any therapeutic modality
• Our devices are more effective in delivering photons to deep tissues compared to Class I-III continuous and modulated lasers and they deliver comparable levels of photons as Class IV lasers without the higher cost or increased risk of over heating tissue. The TQ Elite is still a cold laser in spite of the high level of peak photons.

Multi Radiance Technology is Preferrable to Most Expensive Class IV Lasers:
• Unlike Class IV continuous lasers, Multi Radiance devices eliminate the risk of thermal damage to a tissue
• 25,000mW super pulsed laser power with the included standeard emitter and
• 50,000mW peak power with the LS50 laser shower emitter (also included)
• More power than most class IV lasers.
• Much higher degree of safety than most class IV lasers

Patented LaserSweep Technology

The LaserSweep utilizes patented technology to create a constantly changing frequency to “scan” the selected target tissue from superficial to deep. The TerraQuant laser includes the patented LaserSweep technology which varies the depth of penetration from superficial to deep.

The continual use of the same frequency, as found in continuous wave lasers, can lead ultimately to the beginning of adaptation processes and thereby can diminish receptivity from the cells.

The TerraQuant Elite laser package:

Here's what you get: two emitters including the standard TQ SE25 emitter and the LS50 laser shower emitter, plus the TQ Pro base unit (with 2 ports), which is the standard in the industry and is used to power all of the emitters. There are several benefits of having two emitters including: you can use both emitters at the same time for more comprehensive treatments and faster treatment times, plus the SE25 emitter has the ability to be used with the crystal probe accessories for acupuncture, dental, and skin applications.
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The TerraQuant LS50 Emitter (Laser Shower)

• The Laser Shower houses 4 GaAs super pulsed lasers.
• Laser Shower has twice the coverage (20cm2) and 2 times the peak power (50,000mW).
• Laser Shower has a total of 12 diodes: 4 super pulsed infrared lasers, 4 infrared SLD's and 4 red light LED's.
• The Laser Shower is a must have for the clinician who desires the most advanced equipment with greater depth of penetration and surface coverage.

SE25 TerraQuant Emitter

The TerraQuant console is engineered to operate multiple different styles and treatment specific emitters right out of the box.

Currently our most popular and versatile emitter is the SE25. This emitter is threaded for the attachment of acrylic probes, which assist in specialized light therapy treatments. The SE25 features Multi Radiance Technology and incorporates multiple therapeutic radiances to create the optimal environment for pain relief.

TQ LS50 TerraQuant Emitter

The TQ LS50 or Laser Shower is Multi Radiance Medical's most powerful emitter and it covers the most surface area. This features combined equal faster treatment times.

The Laser Shower is a must have for the professional who always looks to get the most out of their equipment. This emitter has become the professional laser standard for pain management and large area coverage treatments. Save time and get better results with the TQ Elite.

TQ emitter, SE25, SE25 Standard emitter LS50, LS50 Emitter, Laser Shower, Laser Shower Emitter, TQ-LS50
SE25 Emitter
Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw)
Coverage Area 4cm2
Super Pulsed Laser 1 GaAs Super Pulsed Laser
Infrared Light 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
Red Light 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes
TQ LS50 (Laser Shower)
Laser Peak Power 50W (50,000mw)
Coverage Area 20cm2
Super Pulsed Laser 4 GaAs Super Pulsed Laser
Infrared Light 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
Red Light 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes

The highly prized and internationally recognized TerraQaunt Laser has received significant awards, recognition and approval from around the world in over 30 countries.

Discover for yourself why the new improved TerraQuant Elite is the most desirable FDA Cleared pain management cold laser therapy system available in America today.

No other cold laser can deliver as much photonic density as deeply or effectively as the Terraquant Elite Cold Laser Therapy System.


Terraquant Elite Certificates

TerraQuant Elite package includes:

  • TerraQuant Console
  • SE25 Emitter (25,000mW Peak)
  • LS50 Emitter (50,000mW Peak Power)
  • 2 laser goggles
  • Operating manual, User guide, DVD
  • Protocol Manual
  • Deluxe carrying & storage case
  • Free UPS shipping in US&CAN
  • BONUS: 500 Protocols in the form of 2 eBooks with the 22 Master Acupoints System Revealed, and Micro-Systems Revealed, plus a second eBook with 283 pages of picture based protocols and more showns below.
TerraQuant Elite, TQ Elite, TQ Elite Package, TerraQuant Elite Package

Medical Cart
Hands free armature
TQ Crystal probes
LS-50 Laser Shower


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TQ ELITE Package BONUS #1:

FREE Valuable eBook w/ laser purchase.
Over 250 Cold Laser Therapy Protocols Made Easy.
Learn the 22 Acu-Point Healing System
and Learn from this newly revised version with expanded section on Healing with the Micro-Systems, Including OVER a Dozen Bonus Charts on the Ears, Hands and Feet.
You are going to love this eBook!

Cold Laser Therapy, Cold Laser Protocols, Protocols Guide

TQ ELITE Package BONUS #2:

FREE Valuable eBook also included w/ laser purchase.
AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0, Featuring over 283 Pages of VALUABLE Cold Laser Therapy Information, Including Over 250 PictureBased Protocols for treating over 250 Symptoms & Conditions
and more info on cold laser therapy, Q&A, and more.


Acupuncture Probes, Probes, Probe Set, Light Guides

Set of 4 TerraQuant Crystal Probes:

TQ Emitter Probe Kit works with the
TQ-1/SE25 Emitter and TQ Solo

Set of 4 light acupuncture and trigger point probes for TerraQuant. Acupuncture and trigger point probes focus the laser beam - making the TerraQuant Laser a very versatile and affordable tool for physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and clinicians. The probes allow the laser cluster to be adapted to treat concise areas without having to acquire expensive equipment.
We also carry dental laser probes and other dental laser equipment

Set of 4 Specialized Probes and a hard body carrying case. Regular Price: $495.00


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TerraQuant Elite Professional Laser Package


Quantum Medicine and Terra Quant

By Prof. Samuel Edelstein Quantum Medicine (QM) is a medical methodology which incorporates therapeutic effects of different electromagnetic fields, such as pulse laser radiance, broadband infrared radiance, visible red light and static magnetic field, in order to transform living cells from an unstable state of illness into a stable healthy state. One striking common denominator in all the clinical cases that QM is effective is inflammation. The sequence of events at the tissue level which leads to the pathological state of inflammation is reduced micro-circulation with changes in blood supply to the cells, resulting in ischemic injury.

Any influence that will be able to shorten the duration of the ischemic state will have beneficial effect on the course of the disease and the accompanying pain. The radiances mentioned above are capable, within a few hours after irradiation of the painful tissue, to improve the supply of oxygen to the hypoxic cells, to improve the microcirculation and to remove toxic waste products from the site. The tissue is rejuvenated and the pains disappear.  All the above is achieved by chemical processes in the cells that are responsive to bio-photons. The molecules in the cells that are capable to respond, called chromophores, are porphyrines, enzymes with antioxidant properties, mitochondrial cytochromes and molecules of oxygen. Their response will result in renewed energy production (ATP) and restoration of all impaired cellular functions.

TerraQuant is the only device available today, which combines together pulse laser radiation, pulsating infrared radiation, visible red light and static magnetic field providing their synergic therapeutic effects. Incorporating all these radiances in one apparatus enables one to achieve rapid and efficient clinical effect within a relatively short time.

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