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TerraQuant accessories provide clinicians with additional features. One of the exciting features of the TerraQuant in relation to other cold laser devices isit's versatility in meeting the future needs of practitioners. We provide a series of extremely useful collumnating probes as a kit, numerous therapeutic emitters, hands free options, armatures and carts (both basic and deluxe).

TerraQuant Crystal Probes:

Acupuncture Probes, Probes, Probe Set, Light Guides

TQ Emitter Probe Kit works with the TQ-1/SE25 Emitter and TQ Solo

Set of 4 light acupuncture and trigger point probes for TerraQuant. Acupuncture and trigger point probes focus the laser beam - making the TerraQuant Laser a very versatile and affordable tool for physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and clinicians. The probes allow the laser cluster to be adapted to treat concise areas without having to acquire expensive equipment.
We also carry dental laser probes and other dental laser equipment

Get your set of 4 Specialized Probes for just $495.00 + free s/h when added to a laser order. Now comes with a free hard body carrying case and specialized probe protocol manual with protocols guide book.


Hands Free TerraQuant Magna Cart


TerraQuant Magna Cart
The new TerraQuant Magna Cart give you the ability to multitask and the freedom to treat up to two patients at the same time. Simply position the armature to the region that therapy is desired, select the program, time and press start. The Magna Cart can be moved easily from room to room.

TerraQuant Magna Cart


















Order the new TerraQuant Magna Cart Deluxe with Dual Armature with 2 Single Emitter Holders for only $1,129.00


Order the new TerraQuant Magna Cart Standard with Single Armature with 1 Single Emitter Holders for only $949.00




TerraQuant Basic Cart

A cart is a vital tool because it holds the TerraQuant Laser and emitters and other accessories along with the owner's and protocol manuals. It also allows you the freedom to do hands free treatments and move the laser around with ease.

TerraQuant Cart

These are important accessories for people who wish to get the most out of their TerraQuant laser equipment. Hands free armatures and medical carts allow you the freedom to do hands free treatments and move the laser around with ease.

Get the TQ Cart with one TQ Armature for $395 + free s/h. Use the Secure Cart Below.

























Laser Goggles

It is strongly advised to wear protective goggles when administering or receiving treatment from lasers. Protective eyewear should be worn for the safety of the patient and clinician.

Protective Goggles

Two sets of protective goggles are automatically provided with every purchase of TerraQuant Laser Packages.

Price of additional pair of Laser Eye Goggles is $89 however only available for purchase as an add on at same time as purchasing a laser package, emitter or cart.

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