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Let's link together and share the abundance of knowledge that is available to help people to heal on all levels. True and complete healing comes when the body, mind, spirit and emotions are in balance.

Laser Links 4U:

Cold Laser
When you are ready to take a Quantum Leap from ordinary healing technologies, try the TerraQuant Laser, it is light years ahead and yet affordable for all. Terra Quant is a brilliant combination of organic, natural, non-invasive healing technologies including: red light, pulsed light, pulsed laser, infrared light and magnetic induction, which all work synergistically together to restore balance to the body at a cellular level, manifesting results quickly on the physical plane. Terra Quant Lasers feature multiple preset programs and custom modes you can enter yourself for endless treatment possibilities.

Health Products
Specializing in superior health supplies to enhance the success and performance of professionals, individuals, businesses and Corporations. Discover Cold Lasers and low level lasers for excellerated healing, pain management, weight loss, laser acupuncture, organ and gland balancing, immune enhancement and more.


The Vibrational Healing Training Program,
Contact Joy for virational healing treatments or phone sessions. Plus check out her numerous books and tapes on health and healing.




LaserWorld- The Swedish laser medical society has compiled some of the most extensive research available on low level lasers and cold lasers.

AMLA The Australian Medical Laser Association. Dedicated to the advancement of laser medicine, photobiomodulation, and allied sciences in Australia.

WALT World Association for Laser Therapy

NAALT North American Association for Laser Therapy

SALT Swiss Association Laser Therapy

Website of Professor Tiina Karu, cold laser research specialist



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