AVANT LZ Cold Laser Specifications

Key Benefits

Feature Benefit
Highest power its class With up to 190mW of 637nm, bright red and 900mW of infrared laser power, the LZ30 minimizes treatment time and maximizes results. Clinical evidence demonstrates that increased power improves therapeutic outcomes within the class 3B range.
Lightweight Cordless Operation

The versatility and efficacy of cold laser therapy inevitably leads to it becoming a favorite therapy device. The lightweight and compact nature of the LZ30 ensures that it does become a strain supporting the device for extended periods. Cordless operation eliminates the restrictions of a tether to a base unit.

Programmability No more hunting through manuals and painstaking entry of pulse frequencies. Just scroll to the preset that you need and hit the button to start treatment. The LZ30 even has a "Favorites" section for easy access to your most frequently used presets. Presets are fully customizable.




Detailed Specifications



Laser Classification 3B
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1.25” x 1.25” x 4.8”
Weight 4.5oz



Laser Diodes

  Red Infrared
  LZ30 LZ30-X  
Power 50mW 190mW 900mW
Configuration 2 x 25mW 2 x 85mW 2 x 450mW
Laser diode technology AlGaInP laser at 637nm GaAlAs laser at 808nm



Power Modes Continuous, Pulse Modulation
Pulse Shape Square (50% Duty) Square (75% Duty) Sinusoidal
Frequency 0.1 – 10kHz 0.1 – 5kHz 0.1 – 2kHz
















The LZ30 is super powerful, the battery lasts for ages, yet it is lightweight, compact and costs much less than similar models. So what's the catch?

No catch. The last 10 years have seen enormous strides in the shrinking of electronics for MP3 players and mobile phones. Not only has electronics shrunk, but it's become more mobile. This has resulted in much more energy efficient electronics. Battery technology has also improved. Modern Lithium-Ion cells have up to three times the capacity of older Nickel-based technologies. Li-Ion batteries endure hundreds of charge/discharge cycles and don't have the memory-effect problems that plagued older technologies. Laser diodes have also been steadily advancing, leading to higher powers in smaller packages at a lower price.

In the design of the LZ30, we have taken advantage of all these factors. Every part of the LZ30 has been designed to optimize size, weight, usability and performance. As an example of our commitment to portability, we engineered our own laser driver circuitry and optical path, so that the entire assembly of four laser diodes with controlling electronics and lenses is only 1" x 1" x ½".

Many others have gone before us and we salute their efforts in developing and credentialing cold laser technology. These pioneers like the Microlight invested significant sums and in return gained the advantage of being first to market. Entering the market in 2012 as we did means that we are not first to market, but we do have the advantage of having access to all that knowledge which was hard-won. Since we did not have we need to invest in significant R&D, we do not need to recoup that in the price of our product.


Compare the LZ30 to other popular brands and see how it excels. Note that for some devices we have included the necessary add-on probes so that they are specified as close as possible to the LZ30.

*Clinical experience has demonstrated that the most effective biostimulation wavelength is in the 630nm-640nm range. Only the LZ30 and PL5000 use red laser diodes in this range. Other devices use 660nm laser diodes which are less effective (and cheaper).

ML830 (Battery version)
Q1000ng (with probes)*
Thor-LX (with probes)*
Quantum Wave (with probes)*
TerraQuant Pro






While infrared causes less biostimulation, it penetrates tissue much better than red and hence is good for deeper issues and for pain and inflammation. Wavelengths in the range of 800nm..1000nm provide similar results.

ML830 (Battery version)
Q1000ng (with probes)
Thor-LX (with probes)
Quantum Wave (with probes)
TerraQuant Pro






Size and weight are important considerations. It is not uncommon to use the laser with most treatments, so the associated occupational strain is a very real consideration. While portability might seem unnecessary for an office-bound practitioner, if you have multiple treatment rooms or a device that is shared, then one that requires an outlet can be an encumbrance.

A cable between a base unit and treatment head that drags across the patient can be a distraction, and an encumbrance to the therapist while moving around during treatment.

LZ30-X miniature, cordless
LZ30 miniature, cordless
ML830 (Battery version) compact, cordless
Q1000ng (with probes) compact, console+probe
Thor-LX (with probes) console+probe
Quantum Wave (with probes) console+probe
TerraQuant Pro console+probe






While some devices offer the ability to set power, pulse frequency and treatment duration, others allow fully customized presets that automate every possible element of a treatment. For illustration, the dose for treatment of arthritis in finger joints is well established, so ideally, a therapy device would automate the entire process, delivering the correct does to each side of the finger, prompting the user to move the treatment head to the next location. This is clearly and advantage to having to pull out a calculator to work out dose and then program a timer for each use.

The LZ30 has the longest warranty on the market and we don't hide anything in the small print. The laser diodes and the internal battery are not excluded.

LZ30-X 500 preset capacity. Recipes. Advanced treatment automation.
LZ30 500 preset capacity. Recipes. Advanced treatment automation.
ML830 (Battery version) No pulsing capability.
Q1000ng (with probes) 9 presets included. More available at a fee.
Thor-LX (with probes) 12 fixed frequencies.
Quantum Wave (with probes) Not disclosed.
TerraQuant Pro Keypad entry of frequency. 4 presets.






Although there are cheaper devices available, the power and features of the LZ30 rank it with devices costing considerably more and without the added power and advanced features that make LZ Lasers a leader in the industry.

3 years
3 years
ML830 (Battery version)
1 year
Q1000ng (with probes)
2 years
Thor-LX (with probes)
1 year
Quantum Wave (with probes)
1 year
TerraQuant Pro
2 years
ML830 (Battery version)
Q1000ng (with probes)
Thor-LX (with probes)
Quantum Wave (with probes)
TerraQuant Pro



Device Overview

  • USB Port:

  • The LZ30 uses a standard micro-USB port for charging, configuration and software upgrades. This means that charging is easy and convenient, from the supplied wall charger or any other phone, tablet or accessory charger that has a micro-USB connector. You can even charge from your computer. For configuration and software upgrades, the LZ30 appears as a USB memory stick when connected to your computer's USB port.


  • The joystick is used to navigate the menu, to start and stop treatment and to power the device on and off.


  • The graphic display on the LZ30 is used to navigate the menu, display device status and treatment metrics. While the lasers are switched on, the display shows the cumulative dose (in Joules) as well as a running timer. While the lasers are on, the display also provides an estimate of the number of hours of battery life remaining (in the current mode).


  • The speaker emits audible prompts based on the mode of operation.


  • The LZ30 body is made from durable and lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum. Surface treatment results in a comfortable, non-slip finish that is easy on the touch.


  • The comfortable, soft rubber grip makes the LZ30 easy to hold for extended periods.

    Aperture hood:

  • The aperture hood allows the laser to be held directly against the skin, ensuring that no laser light is lost.


Includes: a complimentary file of 250 BONUS Protocols, which reveals exact points for treating over 200 of the most common symptoms and conditions. Practicing cold laser therapy has never been easier or more convenient.

acupressure points

Acupoint Technology is based on the 5000 year practice of Oriental Medicine.
Laser light therapy is easy with the onboard preset frequencies and a simple to use guide on pain-relief.
Learn more about the LZ30 Cold Laser by calling a laser specialist at toll free 888-824-7558.

This laser is FDA cleared!

LZ Lasers are lightweight and ultra-portable so you can take them with you anywhere.
The rechargeable battery lasts for many hours between charges.
Cold laser pain relief can always be at your fingertips!


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