terraquant ls50 package laser

TerraQuant LS50 Laser Package
Featuring the Super Pulsed Laser Shower Emitter with 50,000 mW Peak Power and the 5 Mode TQ Console with 2 Ports.
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The Higher Power and Larger Surface treatment area of the LS50 Emitter allows for faster treatment times and greater Super Pulsed peak power up to 50,000mW (50 Watts).

The TerraQuant LS50 is chosen by individuals who are looking to treat larger surface areas with deeper penetration, using advanced low level laser therapy technology.

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The TerraQuant LS50 laser package features the LS50 laser shower emitter, which is the king of emitter probes, offering the most power and deepest penetration available in FDA cleared cold lasers.
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TQ LS50 Emitter (Laser Shower)

• The Laser Shower houses 4 GaAs super pulsed lasers.
• Laser Shower has twice the coverage (20cm2) and 2 times the peak power (50,000mW).
• Laser Shower has a total of 12 diodes: 4 super pulsed infrared lasers, 4 infrared SLD's and 4 red light LED's.
• The Laser Shower is a must have for the clinician, patient or individual who desires the most advanced equipment with greater depth of penetration and surface coverage.

TQ-LS50 TerraQuant Emitter

The TQ LS50 or Laser Shower is Multi Radiance Medical's most powerful emitter and it covers the most surface area. This features combined equal faster treatment times.

The Laser Shower is a must have for the professional who always looks to get the most out of their equipment. This emitter will only be offered for a limited time, so don't wait too long or you could miss out.

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TQ LS50 (Laser Shower)
Laser Peak Power 50W (50,000mw)
Coverage Area 20cm2
Super Pulsed Laser 4 GaAs Super Pulsed Laser
Infrared Light 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
Red Light 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes

Terraquant Elite Certificates

The highly prized and internationally recognized TerraQaunt Laser has received significant awards, recognition and approval from around the world in over 30 countries.

Discover for yourself why the TerraQuant laser systems are the most desirable FDA Cleared pain management cold laser therapy system available in America today.

No other cold laser can deliver as much photonic density as deeply or effectively as the Terraquant Elite Cold Laser Therapy System.

TerraQuant LS50 Laser Shower Package Includes:

  • TerraQuant Console (same console as in the TerraQuant Pro)
  • LS50 Emitter (50,000mW Peak Power)
  • 2 laser goggles
  • Operating manual & User's guide
  • Protocol Manual
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Carrying case
  • Free UPS shipping in the US

LS50 Emitter laser shower

Medical Cart
Hands free armature
TQ Crystal probes
LS-50 Laser Shower


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Medical Cart
Hands free armature
TQ Crystal probes

TerraQuant LS50 Laser Shower Package

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