Every home, farm, family and clinic needs a cold laser. Save money, buy a slightly used low level laser here. All our used lasers are cleaned and tested to be "good as new" perfect as can be or we won't sell them.

Used Cold Lasers to choose from:

Terraquant Solo


LZ30 Laser

TerraQuant, Terraquant Pro, Terraqaunt, TerraQuant Elite, TerraQuant Solo, TQ Solo

Terraquant Solo Laser

Slightly used $1995


Slightly used $4100

Pro Laser Package
Slightly used $3995




Used Cold Lasers and over the Counter Portable and Desktop Pain Relief Lasers.

We sometimes have used lasers for home and professional use.
Right now we have several lasers including
a slightly used demo model TQ Solo for $1995 with 2 year warranty.
See below for picture and description or click this link to be taken to the new product main page: TerraQuant Solo

Used Cold Laser, cold lasers, low level laser, home use laser
TQ Solo comes as a complete package with rechargeable laser, carrying case, instruction guides and manufacturer warranty.

Used Cold Laser, cold lasers, low level laser, home use laser


Used Cold Laser, cold lasers, low level laser, home use laser Used Cold Laser, cold lasers, low level laser, home use laser


New TQ Solo Was $2995. Price Now $2495. Discounted price for slighly used TQ Solo is
just $1995 with FREE shipping and 2 year warranty.
Order with Secure Shopping Cart Below While Supplies Last.

Investment in a TerraQuant TQ Solo Cold Laser Includes:

  • 1 TQ Solo Portable Handheld Laser - nearly new demo model with warranty
  • 1 Hard body carrying case
  • 2 Pairs of protective eye goggles/glasses
  • User manuals and protocols guide
  • Charts and pamphlets
  • Training DVD
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE BONUS PROTOCOL LIBRARY - OVER 500 Protocols (2 eBooks)

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We sometimes have used cold lasers for home and/or professional use.
Right now we have a very slightly used AVANT LZ30-X Laser available for $4100.
This is our favorite Professional Use Laser!

AVANT Cold Laser, Professional Laser, Chiropractic Laser

LZ30-X Cold Laser

It is so easy to get started with the AVANT LZ30X. It comes from the factory with presets to address 90-100% of the standard protocols most customers will ever need. Plus, it also allows for the creation of new protocols including total customization of every variable using the standard USB interface. New users can scroll through pre-defined protocols in just seconds. For advanced users, the device allows for the creation and storage of a set of favorite protocols for treating special issues. This list can be accessed using the "joy-stick" and can be edited directly on the device or by connecting the LZ30 cold lasers via the included USB cable to a computer.

The LZ30x allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweeping pulse modes with power levels of 900mw at 808nm (infrared) and 190mw at 637nm (red). This allows practitioners and users the maximum flexibility in treating both chronic or recent injuries. This device is equally suited for pain control, inflammation reduction and accelerated healing.

Investment in Avant LZ30X Includes:

  • 1 Avant LZ30X Professional use digital handheld laser with LCD display screen
  • 900mW of power at 808 nanometer wavelength
  • 250mW of power at 637 nanometer wavelength
  • The perfect frequency ranges of Red and Infrared Laser to use together or individually
  • Programmable with continuous, pulsed and sweeping output modes.
  • In manual mode, users can set the pulse frequency and duration.
  • Use the factory defined presets or develop your own protocols. The device has enough onboard memory to store hundreds of protocols.
  • Self Calibration - As the laser diodes age, the system self adjusts providing a consistent power output. Self Calibration is usually only seen on the most expensive cold lasers.
  • Maximum flexibility using the USB cable. Users can create and maintain presets on their PC by mounting the LZ30x as a USB drive on their PC.
  • Cordless operation using a 3000mAH Lithium Ion battery
  • Highly portable compact design
  • During operation, shows total photon density and elapsed time
  • Option hand free operation with the Avant stand

LZ30-X PRICE: $4950 - but you can get this one that is very slightly used for a generous $850 DISCOUNT, which brings the price down to $4100 in "like new condition". Comes with free shipping, 3 Year Mfr Warranty and our exclusive Library of over 500 PROTOCOLS in the form of two Cold Laser Therapy eBooks. You are going to love the educational materials that make it possible for you to learn how to treat hundreds of issuee.

AVANT LZ30-X Laser Price: $4100

The AVANT LZ30-X Laser - You are gonna love it!







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We sometimes have used lasers for home and professional use. Right now we have several lasers including one nearly new TerraQuant Pro. Customer ordered it, and then returned it right away once they realized that they would prefer an Ultra Portable AVANT Laser. We also have a nearly new demo model. Save significantly on each.

TerraQuant Pro

According to FDA documentation, TerraQuant lasers are "indicated for temporary relief
of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation".

TerraQuant Pro Features:

TerraQaunt Pro package includes:
1. TerraQuant Console
2. SE25 Emitter
3. 2-pair of laser goggles
4. Soft Sided Case
5. Operating Manual & User's Guide
6. Protocol Manual
7. BONUS - Over 500 Protocols Library (2-eBook, 328 pages of valuable information)
8. 24 month manufacturer warranty

SE25 Emitter:
• The SE25 is the standard 25,000 mW super pulsed multi-diode emitter that comes with the TerraQuant console.
• It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
• The SE25 is threaded for the optional attachment of probes to assist in various treatments thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant product line.

Slightly Used TerraQuant Pro still with Warranty in "like new" condition
Get it now with free shipping. ONLY $3995


Use Shopping Cart Below or call us and we will be happy to provide you with support by phone. Call T
oll Free 1-888-824-7558 Free Shipping in the US
TerraQuant Cold Laser






Call us today about used cold lasers or used low level laser equipment or devices. We are cold laser specialists and cold laser users with over 30 years experience in the health and therapy equipment realm and 15 years experience specializing in cold lasers.

If you are uncertain about which laser to get give us a call. We can answer your questions and help you to determine which cold laser will fit your needs and budget.


TerraQuant Multi-Point Emitter
multipoint hairbrush flexible laser emitter


We have one showcase model available at a 60% DISCOUNT! It's nealy new, but out of warranty due to sitting in storage. Comes with 30 day replacement warranty Rated for 10,000 hours of use. This one has one hour maximum use. Now you can get the Multi-Point (Hair Brush) Emitter to go with your TerraQuant Base unit and treat the Hair and Scalp and small joints. Popular for Hair Growth and Hair Restoration Phototherapy.

TerraQuant Lasers for hair growth and hair restoration also offer multiple features, which make them good for pain relief, headaches, skin & wound care. It's a true multi-purpose laser.

Used Cold Lasers, Used Low Level Laser, Used Therapeutic Laser, Used Pet, Vet and Equine Lasers
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